Annoying Co-Workers

It seems everybody has an opinion on annoying co-workers. Who knew? After asking for your input, here are the Top 10, in no particular order:

*Chatty Cathy

*Debbie Downer

*Extra Loud Talker

*Drama Queen

*Stinky Lunch Guy

*The Sleeper (Yes, one caller works with someone who regularly snoozes on the job)

*The Chronic Desk Visitor

*Dude who can’t stop talking about his weekend

*Woman who has time to pay her bills and talk to her kids but no time for actual work

*Neurotic Nancy who emails everybody about everything, including the email she just sent

And remember, 86% of people say they have at least one annoying co-worker. If you’re among the remaining 14%, that annoying co-worker is you.