With Apologies To Our Germophobe Friends…

Maybe it’s your mission in life to avoid the nightmare that is OPB (other people’s bacteria; everybody knows your own bacteria is just fine).  Maybe you think using touchless hand dryers is public restrooms is a smart move. Maybe you’re very, very wrong.

Thanks to the good folks at WebMD.com, there’s a new addition to the popular vernacular that we didn’t really need to know about: “toilet plume”, which is the result of lidless commodes spewing ick-filled vapor into the air upon flushing. That stuff lands everywhere, and a good portion of it gets blasted onto your unsuspecting hands when you activate the dryer.

Smart people who wear white lab coats and carry clipboards recommend using paper towels, even if it means–gasp!–touching the dispenser.  Either that or learn how to work everything with your elbows. You’d be surprised how easy it is once you get the hang of it. And, of course, remember to hover. Always remember to hover.