Diet Busters

Pizza. Even when it’s bad, it’s good. Turns out the opposite is true as well. When it’s good, it’s bad. Bad for your commitment to eat better in the new year. Food addiction researchers have put pizza at the top of the list of most addictive foods. Would it surprise you to learn the rest of the top ten irresistible edibles are all sweet, savory, fatty, processed or some combination of the above? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Here they are, in order: chocolate, cookies, potato chips (Go Idaho!), ice cream, cake, French fries (Go Idaho again!), cheeseburgers, breakfast cereal and fried chicken. It’s just one of those cruel tricks of nature–or possibly food laboratory science–that the stuff we can’t stop stuffing in our pie holes is more likely than not not to be actual pie, be it pizza, apple or otherwise. Until there’s big money to be made getting us hooked on kale, that’s not likely to change.