Be Good At Your Job: Dress Like A Slob!

Looks like we had the right idea all along with our casual dress culture here in Idaho. According to Men’s Health magazine, the grubbier your work clothes, the better you’ll be at your job. This especially true for men who have to wear neckties. Those corporate nooses restrict bloodflow to the brain and keep you from being your best. Women who wear business suits might look sharp but don’t necessarily think sharp for the same reason: restrictive apparel limits comfort, which in turn limits brain power.

Those who performed best in cognitive tests were wearing sweats at the time. Now you’re talking! Maybe the whole “dress for success” thing was invented by people who want to sell you expensive clothing? Time to break out the weekend Netflix pants and put them into regular rotation. If your boss objects, say it’s for the good of the company. Or something. Just have the decency to take care of those unsightly nacho cheese stains first.