Murphy & Melissa Morning Blog

Thanksgiving Lies

The #1 thing we lie about liking in order to be polite is not the dreaded green bean casserole. M&M reveal what it is...Read More

Don’t Speak. Good Boy.

Dog owners would rather chat with their furry friends than their human ones. Dogs don’t interrupt, judge or advise, which makes them the best...Read More

Oooohhh! Dreamy!

M & M come clean about their first celebrity crushes.  Spoiler alert: looking at the photo and having a good memory of the 70’s...Read More

Gotta Love The Gig Economy

You really can hire anybody for anything, including bridesmaids for your wedding. At least your friends and family members won’t hate you for having...Read More

Welcome To Your Nightmare

You’re 30,000 feet in the air…trapped in the bathroom…the cause of an emergency landing…and you thought seat-kicking kids were the worst thing that could...Read More

Stuffing Your Bra

If you’re going to do it, you might as well be with things you can use. M&M on the many uses of those fashionable,...Read More