Why Did I Do That?

M&M on how tattoo removal has been a growth business during the pandemic, as people have more downtime to evaluate–and regret–certain life choices....Read More

Today’s Word Is “Satire”

Clever, well-done parodies on the Internet are funny.  Not-so-clever people who think the parodies are real and share their stupidity and outrage with the...Read More

Telemarketer Trick

Here’s a way to turn the tables and get them to hang up on you: pretend to be extremely excited to hear from them....Read More

Getting To Know You

The art of courtship is back, thanks to quarantine meetups.  This has M&M remembering a different, far cheesier type of video dating from the...Read More

Fear Not

In the words of FDR: We have nothing to fear but the fears we invent in our heads, which is most fears. That was...Read More

We’re Watching You!

Idaho’s hands-free law kicks in soon. In the meantime, Idaho’s text-shamers (including Melissa) are hard at work keeping our streets safe....Read More