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Scott is originally from Denver, where he started on the air. Since then, he’s been all over the west, including stops in California, Nevada, and New Mexico, and now his final stop, the Treasure Valley.

When he’s not flapping his gums, Scott enjoys outdoor adventures (skiing, hiking, camping), video games, and shooting pool.

Scott is also an accomplished singer and actor, and has actually been in several feature films.

Scott Matthew's Blog

  • New Music from the Go-Go’s!

    It’s a good day if you’re a Go-Go’s fan…they released a brand new song today!  It’s called ‘Club Zero’, and it premieres today – that same day their new documentary comes to Showtime.  The song was produced...Read More
  • YouTube Music Find – Dave Mason

    Check this out – a brand new version of Dave Mason’s “Feelin’ Alright”, performed by Dave Mason & the Quarantines.  The “Quarantines” include the Doobie Brothers’ Pat Simmons, Tom Johnston, and John McFee, Sammy Hagar on vocals,...Read More
  • new Aretha movie headed our way

    A new Aretha Franklin movie is coming in December…and it looks terrific, with Jennifer Hudson starring as Aretha. Mary J. Blige is also in the movie. The trailer was just released, so check it out!...Read More
  • YouTube Music Find

    We’ve seen some really great ‘re-imagining’ of classic songs on YouTube, performed by the original artists, usually over video conferencing.  Here’s a wonderfully low-key version of ‘I Melt With You’, from Modern English!...Read More
  • Youtube Music Find!

    One of my favorite songs will always be “Africa” by Toto.  Consider my week made – some of the members of Toto decided to get together and cut a new version over video!  Here’s their fantastic new...Read More
  • National Donut Day!

    Friday, June 5th, is National Donut Day!  To celebrate, several donut shops in the Treasure Valley have deals going on…here’s what we know! Guru Donuts – They’re opening at 8 Friday morning, and the first 10 customers...Read More
  • YouTube Music Find – Kids in America

    Throughout our time spent behind walls, Billie Joe Armstrong (of Green Day) has been making music like crazy.  He’s been posting covers every Monday, on what he calls No Fun Mondays.  You might have seen his Manic...Read More
  • YouTube Music Find

    We’ve seen a lot of musicians do concerts from home during our ‘vacation’, and Sting has now joined the group with a small show done from his house in Wiltshire, England.  Of course, his house looks more...Read More
  • Goonies Never Say Die!

    This is REALLY cool…the cast of The Goonies reunited!  They got together on Zoom to talk about the movie, how it was made, and raise some money for charity in the process.  Some of the actors took...Read More

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