Three at Five


Weekdays at 5
107.1 K-HITS is shining a spotlight on yesterday. Actually, a specific month, day and year, as we present a pop-culture infused three song set – the top 3 of that week in the 80s! Maybe it’s February 2nd, 1987. Could be June 14th,1981. Might be somewhere in between. Whatever day we choose, afternoon host Scott Matthews will give us a snapshot of what was up from the perspective of his Wayback Machine, along with the three songs that were at the top of the Top 40 at that precise moment. It’s a daily prescription for fun – with no harmful side effects!  Celebrate the top hits of the 80s with the 3 at 5, every weeknight at 5 on K-HITS!


Want to request a specific date from the 80’s?  Fill out and send the form, and you could hear your countdown sometime soon!

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